Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
      and why we use them

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are used to create solid concrete reinforced walls that are insulated for use, both above and below grade. ICF walls are particularly effective for residential or commercial buildings. Providing excellent insulation, thermal mass and structural strength. ICF walls offer a four hour fire resistance and a sound transmission class of STC-56. With the standard 25/8" expanded polystyrene panel, the ICF walls develop a true R-24 insulated envelope.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are based on the simple concept of modular interlocking blocks. These "blocks" or "forms" are made of expanded polystyrene panels held together with recycled polypropylene webs.

The insulated concrete forms are dry stacked using a running bond and molded interlocks. Reinforcing steel is inserted in the wall cavity as required, then the forms are filled with concrete to create a monolithic insulated wall. The plastic webs used to hold the panels together also hold the reinforced steel in place prior to and during concrete placement. The webs also provide for attachment of interior and exterior wall finishes.

Any wall finish that can be applied to a conventional framed building can be attached to an ICF wall. Because concrete starts out in liquid form there are no gaps or voids inside the wall to harbor mold or mildew, no outside air infiltration to bring dust, pollen and other allergens inside. With the continuous insulation on both sides of the reinforced concrete wall there is no thermal bridging, preventing energy loss.

If you have read this far we know your desire is to build the safest, most sustainable and energy efficient building that you possibly can. Riversdale Builders is here to make sure your goal is achieved. We offer training, field support and the finest most versatile ICF's on the market. If you want we can take it from the start to the finish, or turn it over to you at any point in the process for you to finish. Contact us at any time and let us help you with your dreams

ICF Form