The Beginings OF Riversdale...

Riversdale Builders became a reality in 1990. Judith, a homemaker, artist, sign painter and student of carpentry at the Spokane Community College, and Larry a Journeyman carpenter with 20 years experience in commercial concrete construction met and shared their past, present and their dreams of the future.

After a few small remodel projects they took on transforming the Old Broadview Dairy into a museum for the Goodale & Barberi Company. From there it was up to Huckleberry Bay at Priest Lake where they spent the next 10 years creating custom lake homes. Although these homes were magnificent in terms of beauty and scale, they wanted to build a more energy efficient home. Judith and Larry had a vision to create homes that were safe, energy efficient and sustainable.

When they were introduced to Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) they found what they were looking for, a product they could use to build a strong steel reinforced concrete exterior that was insulated, fire proof, sound proof, wind proof, mold proof, and would be 40% more energy efficient, be able to use locally resourced materials and would last for 20 or more generations.

Sadly in 2019 Larry passed away, leaving behind this wonderful legacy they started. His wife Judith and their team of builders made the decision to continue their dream. We are consistently searching for new and innovative methods or products that will help us produce structures that are green, safe, sustainable and energy efficient. We do not feel that there is any one product or any one way to do something that is the best fit for every application. Let us help you put all the pieces together to give you the best possible structure for your family.

We believe in the products we sell and the work that we do. So if we are going to put a footprint on this earth, lets put a small one that lasts for many generations.

Check out or "Whats Happening Now" page for when and where you can visit us at the next home show, to view projects that we have completed as well as projects in progress.