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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
      and why we use them.

We use "Enercept" SIP's for above ground walls, floors and roofs. SIP's combine structural framing, insulation, and sheathing into one step so your home can be constructed much faster with less waste.


SIP's panels consist of a core of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) structurally bonded between two layers of orientated strand board (OSB). The thickness of the EPS core ranges from 4" to 12" depending on the insulating value that you require. EPS foam is continuous on the insides of the wall, preventing thermal bridging through wooden studs as happens in a conventional framed wall. With no outside air infiltration seeping in the whole wall, insulating R-Values are 40% greater for the same wall thickness.


From your drawings, our engineers can create a set of shop drawings which call out the size and locations of doors and windows and any structural elements that need to be included, along with any non-typical wiring chases that need to be provided. After approval of the shop drawings the panels go into fabrication, cut to size and shape. All rough openings (windows & doors) are custom built and framed in at the factory. Electrical chases and knock--out boxes are also installed at this time. Any extra structural elements are also fabricated now. The panels are numbered and shipped to the site ready to erect, and are connected at the job site with the patented insulated post to eliminate any thermal bridging. Our structural roof panels are fabricated in the same manner and come pre-wired from the factory to your specifications.

Enercept Wall Layout


With SIP construction you will get a stronger, quieter, more energy efficient home in less time with less construction waste than a conventional stick framed home. In the process you get a healthier indoor environment, no outside air infiltration bringing in dust and allergens, and with no voids inside the wall there is no place for mold to grow. Your walls will be straighter and no chance of studs warping, twisting, or shrinking. And guess what you can hang a picture any where you want to, its not hollow behind the drywall.

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